Dedicated Driver Program:
Quality Drives Us

The best distribution management systems and the latest technology are only as good as the drivers who actually make the deliveries happen. Partsfleet operates a unique Dedicated Driver Program that provides customers with added assurance in the quality and professionalism of the driver servicing their business. You will not have a different face each day coming to your door since the same driver is assigned to your business each and every day. Professionally attired and prominently displaying their Partsfleet identification badge, your dedicated driver knows your location, your staff, your clients and their staff, your delivery routes, your locations and your special needs. The drivers quickly become an integral part of your operations and your team. Each of our drivers receive a comprehensive orientation designed to meet your specific needs. 

The drivers are also extensively familiar with Partsfleet’s innovative technology and drivers play a huge role in making our company more efficient for you because they utilize our innovative technology each and every day. From state-of-the-art mobile data devices and GPS, to signature capture and bar-code scanning, Partsfleet is truly a logistics partner in your everyday business transactions.

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